Debunking the Myth of Genetic Determinancy

When one considers that iatrogenic illness is the third leading cause of death in the US, and that approximately 40% of Americans state a preference for alternative healing methods over conventional medical treatment, the work of cellular biologist Bruce Lipton (Stanford University) seems particularly timely. Lipton’s groundbreaking discoveries in the field of epigenetics show that environment — and more specifically, our perception of the environment — directly controls the activity of our genes.

Lipton, a former medical school professor, has integrated his extensive knowledge of cells’ information processing systems with quantum physics principles, giving us insight into the molecular basis of consciousness itself. His bestselling book, The Biology of Belief: Unleashing the Power of Consciousness, Matter and Miracles, offers a new perspective on wellness which unifies allopathic medicine, alternative medicine, and spiritual healing.

Video: Bruce Lipton: The New Biology – Where Mind and Matter Meet (1 of 2)

Video: Bruce Lipton: The New Biology – Where Mind and Matter Meet (2 of 2)



Bruce Lipton, PhD – Uncovering the Biology of Belief

Luminary: Bruce Lipton | Shift In Action, new biology


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4 Responses to “Debunking the Myth of Genetic Determinancy”

  1. I’m not surprised about the iatrogenic illness statistic. While modern medicine is good, many of these older remedies do have legitimate benefits. In fact, one example is elderberry extract which is taken to minimize or prevent illness. Researchers now know the exact mechanism behind its efficacy: it strips the RNA off of certain viruses so they can’t reproduce.

  2. There are many herbs, like elderberry, which have specific, observable mechanisms. The latest “breakthrough” research I’ve read is about baikal scullcap (aka huang qin), which causes apoptosis in hepatoma cell lines while leaving healthy cells intact (if only chemo could make the same claim, eh?). A recent meta-analysis of hawthorn extract, as compared to placebo, showed significant improvement in pressure-heart rate product, exercise tolerance, shortness of breath, and fatigue in heart failure patients. An extract of the (antilithic) herb chanca piedra is regularly prescribed by French physicians for the treatment of kidney calculi…

    Unfortunately, here in the U.S., over 16% of our economy is spent on conventional health care, an economic structure dependent upon treating chronic conditions with drugs and surgery, not curing disease. Since patents can’t be sought for naturally-occuring substances (or most other “alternative” modalities), there is little or no money to be made from natural cures. Most of our doctors are grossly misinformed by the one-trillion-dollar industry that is big pharma, and many of our politicians are beholden to these corporations.

    As for modern medicine itself, it’s interesting, to me, how poorly the U.S. compares with other industrialized countries, ranking last for preventable deaths.

  3. The US seems to rank last in a lot of things these days which is ridiculous considering how much potential there is in this country.

  4. ..]another interesting source on this subjectis ,,..]

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