God’s First Photo Op, the JDEM, and Hubble

God’s First Photo Op, the JDEM, and Hubble… Who says the space race is over? Or that the PR machines aren’t churning up their own sort of dark matter faster than the speed of light?

“UK astronomers, as part of an international team, have reached a milestone in the construction of one of the largest ever cameras to detect the mysterious dark energy component of the Universe. The pieces of glass for the five unique lenses of the camera have been shipped from the US to France to be shaped and polished into their final form. The largest of the five lenses is one metre in diameter, making it one of the largest in the world…

Huge Lenses To Observe Cosmic Dark Energy – Science Centric


“Unrealistic cost estimates could make an ambitious NASA space mission to study dark energy no better than ground-based projects, experts warn…”

Can The US Get Beyond Einstein? – New Scientist


“In a series of five spacewalks, astronauts will give the Hubble a new set of gyroscopes to stabilize the telescope and install both a thermal blanket to protect internal workings from the extreme temperatures of space and a new set of batteries to extend its lifespan to 2013… Astronauts also will install a new wide-field camera to study dark energy and a cosmic origins spectrograph that will examine the large scale structure of the universe….”

Mission aims to restore Hubble – Baltimore Sun


~ by theobservereffect on July 2, 2008.

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