Photons Do The Darnedest Things!

“Physicists at the University of Geneva achieved the weird result by creating a pair of ‘entangled’ photons, separating them, then sending them down a fibre optic cable to the Swiss villages of Satigny and Jussy, some 18 kilometres apart…”

Physicists Spooked By Faster-Than-Light Information Transfer – Nature

(Okay, wait a minute… Were they really “spooked”? I mean, *really*??)



~ by theobservereffect on August 14, 2008.

One Response to “Photons Do The Darnedest Things!”

  1. I am no physicist, but it seems to me that “spooky effects” such as FTL information transfer and wave-particle duality are a result of incorrect models of “particles.” Could these “particles” or “wave-packets” actually be some kind of dynamic field (I believe magnetic and spinning) that yield all these “spooky” results? The field model would automatically connect every part of the Universe with every other, because fields have no edges.

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