YouTube Account Deleted – Daily Motion Channel Up and Running

Kelly Neill

As many of you know, the censors at YouTube have been threatening to shut down the video channel affiliated with this blog. Today, they did just that. On the bright side, I knew this day was coming and have spent the past few weeks uploading videos to my new channel at Daily Motion. Here’s the link:

To those of you who were my friends and subscribers at YouTube, many thanks. I have enjoyed our adventures in physics, consciousness and mind-body medicine, appreciate your continuing support and I hope you will join me on my new Daily Motion channel, which features all my of YouTube videos… and more!



~ by theobservereffect on October 15, 2010.

11 Responses to “YouTube Account Deleted – Daily Motion Channel Up and Running”

  1. Why would they delete those? How idiotic.

  2. I agree. At least I had a heads-up… as for reason, it seems that somebody’s vote bots were on a mission, but so I am. A slight change of course is alright by me.

    • It seems one Gregg Braden is behind this (check out your old home page,, and since he is the only person listed it is just him.


      • Thanks, Brian. That supposed “copyright violation” filing from Gregg was one of several issues which challenged that channel during its final months – the last in a long line that included supposed “objectionable content” charges (false flags via vote bots) directed at some videos and still more “copyright violations” directed at others – in spite of having verbal or e-mail permission to use the footage from some of those who YouTube stated filed the complaints.

        Apparently – as per conversations I have had with a couple of the people whose videos I posted with their knowledge and/or permission – no complaints were filed. Rather, YouTube routinely and increasingly suspends channels containing copyrighted material without checking particulars since the company’s acquisition by Google. This is increasingly the case regarding channels that get a lot of traffic (my channel views were in the millions), but aren’t profitable for Google or the companies with which they contract. They have removed thousands of channels this past year in what seems to be a move motivated by bandwidth management and profit rather than one related to the enforcement of copyright law… and in spite of the “Fair Use” clause of copyright law for educational purposes, which was my sole intent in the creation of my channel.

        Of course, it’s their corporation… and they can do as they please with it.

      • Given your comment about bandwidth limitations, interestingly enough I’ve had the reverse from YouTube — last time I uploaded something I got a message congratulating me and saying that the 15 min. limit would not apply to me! I have no idea how that happened.

        A couple of days ago I posted a message offering to send the ‘politics and progress’ clip to you again if you needed it to repost it on your new site (I found out about you being shut down as I had intended posting the original link to someone). Somehow, that message seemed to have got lost in the system!


      • I would be happy to repost that clip on my new DailyMotion channel. Thanks, Brian… can you send me a link? (And yes, YouTube has extended the length of videos that can be uploaded. For more on what happened to my – and others’ – channels over the past couple of years, check out this post by a Canadian blogger:

  3. Your new “home” channel is fantastic! Youtube should be ashamed of it’s behavior…

  4. Thank you. 🙂

  5. I think that everything published in youtube and everywhere by Kelli is just human heritage and property of humanity, there can not be rights limitations because those discoveries doesn`t belong to whom discovers them and can not whithdraw them from whomever is ready to dig it.
    The human development depends on those individuals to whom knowledge and wisdom is given because of the intention of the universe alone and it`s for everybody and not limited but for understanding.
    I think that the ones interested in supress this knowledge are the illuminati and their servants, because they are the ones trying to control and enslave the world throgh false belives of success and consumism.

  6. There was a time when I thought the idea of “suppression of knowledge” by an “elite” was merely fictional. That time has passed. I have known it to exist in academia and in the pharmaceutical and food industries; my only question now is how far this extends and to what end? I doubt malice as a motivating factor so much as money – but I am assured that if commerce is threatened, the end may justify any means in some people’s minds.

  7. I agree with you all. The new channel is actually better than the Youtube site.
    As far as suppression, I’m convinced the stupidity side wins out in the great debate between malice and idiocy. In most cases.

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