ADD Model of String Theory Gets Plucked

“If everything went as the model proposes, particles that collided at energies above this cutoff could close to within a distance that’s smaller than the space occupied by the additional dimensions. Once that happens, they’d feel the full force of gravity, and immediately merge to form a tiny black hole. So tiny, in fact, that it would instantly decay via Hawking radiation.

This decay would be visible as jets of particles. Physicists I’ve seen asked about these have more or less said you couldn’t miss it.

What you could do, however, is mistake something else for a black hole. Interactions governed by quantum chromodynamics will also produce jets at a certain frequency, so the black-hole events would have to stand out above this background. So that’s what the new analysis looks for. The authors model what the jets from both string and quantum theories should look like in order to allow them to pull out and save jet events. (This actually involved the same modeling software used by the people who evaluated the TSA’s scanners.)

They then use an area of the LHC’s energy spectrum that’s too low to produce black holes to figure out the level of background jet production via quantum chromodynamics. Next, they extend the analysis into the energy range where black holes should appear, and see whether any signal tands out above this background. It doesn’t. ‘We can exclude the production of black holes with minimum mass of 3.5-4.5 eV [electron volts] for values of the multidimensional Planck scale up to 3.5 TeV [teraelectron volts] at 95 percent CL [confidence level],’ the authors conclude.”

Missing Black Holes Cause Trouble for String Theory –


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