The line that can’t be drawn?

“In Wineland’s lab at the National Institute of Standards and Technology, he and his colleagues take a single ionized atom of, say, beryllium and put it into a magnetic trap. There it acts a bit like a marble rolling around in a bowl. It’s on the left side of the bowl, it’s on the right, it’s in both places at once. This particular bowl is 80 nanometers wide, and the marble is a ‘wave packet’ that is all of seven nm. ‘You might argue that it isn’t really Schrodinger’s cat because it’s small,’ Wineland said. But where do you draw the line? ‘We struggle with that, because at this point there’s no way of finding that classical-quantum boundary.'”

The Blurry Line Between Quantum and Small – Scientific American


~ by theobservereffect on July 2, 2013.

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