Potato, Potahto…


What we say and how we say it exacts a profound influence over how we experience the world – including our perceptions of “objective” reality. Is there such a thing?

A Facebook discussion on how language shapes the mind.

~ by theobservereffect on July 19, 2014.

One Response to “Potato, Potahto…”

  1. Indeed Consciousness comes first, and then our reality comes as we realize it to be.
    We human beings as an observer create our reality.
    We are individually and personally involved with the creation of our own reality. Our universe is a “mental” consciousness of our own making, because if we were not here, neither would be our reality of the world and everything in it, and because we would not be here to rationalize it as a universe in our mind because there would be no ‘mind’ to rationalize it.
    Whoa, hold on Hoss, run that by me one more time, and pretend I’m only 8 years old………..(lol)
    Consciousness creates reality is the point, no consciousness, no reality.

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