The Body Electric

“Rather than focusing on the genes and the body’s chemistry, which is the myopic focus of conventional allopathic medicine, the new physics and the new biology reveal that we should be focusing on both the physical signals and the energetic signals, which include thought.” – Bruce Lipton

“The field is the sole governing agency of the particle.” – Albert Einstein

Our current medical model is based, for the most part, on chemistry. Drugs and more drugs. Surgery, where drugs fail. Does quantum physics even enter the equation? Considering that electromagnetic signals move at the speed of light (over 186,000 miles per second), and that endocrinogical (chemical) communications move at just at 1 centimeter per second, it would seem that “modern medicine” has a bit of catching up to do.

In The Genie in Your Genes, author Dawson Church sings the body electric — explaining how the connective tissue in our bodies functions as a system of liquid crystals: Semiconductors of both information and energy; piezoelectric, in that, when compressed, they generate electricity. Citing hundreds of studies, Church also makes a convincing case for the electromagnetic influence our thoughts, emotions and beliefs exert over our DNA, and, hence, our physical state of being.

While reading this book, I couldn’t help but wonder: Is the medical community ready to reject the idea that our DNA is hardwired at birth? Will they consider evidence that preempts the “need” for pharmaceutical and surgical interventions in the treatment of disease… Evidence which demands an entirely new approach to wellness? Moreover, is today’s pill-popping, surgery-seeking medical consumer ready and willing to explore his or her own consciouness and navigate the vast sea of thoughts, emotions and beliefs which impact physical health?

At issue is commerce and a widespread belief in a system that kills hundreds of thousands of people each year and sickens countless more. When the Journal of the American Medical Association (JAMA) reports that prescription drugs cause the deaths of approximately 106,000 Americans each year (in addition to an estimated 98,000 deaths due to medical errors), and the conservative Centers For Disease Control and Prevention (CDC) states that 85% of diseases have an emotional element, a book like The Genie in Your Genes seems not so “new agey” as it seems long overdue.

About Dawson Church:

Dawson Church, Ph.D., author and founder of Soul Medicine Institute has a doctorate in Integrative Healthcare from Holos University. He went on to receive a postgraduate Ph.D. in Natural Medicine, as well as pursuing clinical certification in Energy Psychology (EHP-C).

He has edited or authored over 200 books, including The Genie in Your Genes and Soul Medicine: Awakening Your Inner Blueprint For Abundant Health and Energy (co-authored with Norman Shealy, M.D., Ph.D). Soul Medicine Institute (SMI), is a nonprofit organization dedicated to education and research into science-based medical interventions which use consciousness and energy as primary modalities.


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9 Responses to “The Body Electric”

  1. I’m not entirely sure it’s true that electrical signals in the body move at the speed of light. And, even if they did, it wouldn’t be 186,000 miles per second since that is the speed of light in a vacuum (it’s lower otherwise and the exact value depends on both the medium it’s passing through and the wavelength of the light). I’ll admit to being grossly undereducated in the biology department so I’m not positive of this, but my guess is that all impulses in the nervous system are transmitted by electrons – essentially we’re talking electrical current here (though current is technically defined as the flow of positive charge) and the exact speed of the signal I suppose would be equivalent to the drift velocity (which is still obviously quite fast, just nothing quite as fast as light in a vacuum).

  2. I might have explained it poorly… I was attempting to point out the following:

    a) that the body’s chemical signals are slow-moving in comparison to its electrical signals, and

    b) that allopathic medicine is primarily based on an understanding of chemical signaling and, for the most part, does not address the body’s electromagnetic values in the prevention or treatment of disease.

    Metabolic, endocrinological, and bio/neurochemical changes in living cells are affected by changes in cells’ electromagnetic properties; even a small change in the electromagnetic state of a cell is transmitted to the brain, following electromagnetic laws. The heart’s magnetic field (about 5000 times stronger than the brain’s) can be detected several feet away with magnetometers. I suspect that such findings represent the future of medicine.

    The specific speeds of electrical signals in the human body do vary, depending on the medium. For example, the thickest nerve fibers of the human body conduct electricity at up to 500 feet per second; the thinnest conduct electricity at approximately 3 feet per second.

    In any case, the body’s electrical signals travel significantly faster than the body’s chemical signals travel.

    • That is why drugs work more slowly than a homeopathic remedy which can work instantaneously! it is all Energy, not chemicals!

  3. I often wonder of the possibility to detect and intercept electrical signals, resulting from pain receptors, and induce an equal and opposite signal to negate it and affectively blocking the pain with fields instead of toxic drugs.

  4. Can anybody help me out. I am searching for some details on a peculiar problem being faced by my wife. At times, when she touches any metal object (irespective of the place) or even human body (for example, me) she gets electric shock and in case of human bodies, both experience the shock. This is not a permanent problem. There is no specific timings. No specific time intervals. But in a month she experiences ten to fifteen times.

    • The human body is composed of positive and negative electrical particles and, normally, the positive particles cancel out the negative particles, so that the body behaves as though it is electrically “neutral.” A net electric charge (also known as “static” electricity) occurs whenever the normal quantities of positive and negative electricity are not equal. It sounds as though your wife may be generating a net electric charge.

      There could be many reasons why this is happening to her (reasons which seem to effect some people more than others), including low environmental humidity (often caused by air conditioning); dry skin; shuffling one’s feet while walking; wearing wool, fleece or certain synthetic fabrics; wearing certain footwear (particularly slippers or shoes with synthetic soles); or even having ungrounded electrical outlets in the home.

      She could try using a balanced-polarity air ionizer (might work) — or she could simply discharge the electricity in her body before coming into contact with things or people by touching something metal to them first (a key should work).

      Hope this helps.

  5. Good writing=) Will visit once more

  6. anything that will probably get me there sooner?

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